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The Multi Specialty flying ICU On Air
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Air Ambulance Aviation .

air ambulance AviationAir Ambulance Aviation in providing the air ambulance services domistic and international sectors with all ICU facility, all the air ambulance needs, air ambulance flights in Aviation, air ambulance helicopter in Aviation, rescue operations in Aviation, disaster managements in Aviation, and medivac in Aviation, air ambulance services in Aviation will be provided on request .Air ambulance aviation fuse for the one aim to save the life, challenging mission for to save the life of our people, our medical and technical experts from highly qualified Aero space medicine and medical exports, pilots and all staff only has one aim to serve the society in well way to save some one life in our leaving time, Air ambulance aviation in Aviation team ready to fly equipped with even in space program, advanced cardiac life support systems, advanced trauma life support systems to save some one in deed. Our medical team in Aviation the experienced rescue team in our network are certified in to produced to give the best goal
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Air ambulance Aviation

What is Air ambulance? Air Ambulance Aviation is the flying icu by our helicopter and flights, around the world with all mulity speciality medical and aero space medicine care with the experts in 24/ 7*365 days any where any time, for the purpose of saving the lives of people arround us
what we have 1 Air Ambulance Helicopter 2 air ambulance flights, 3 air ambulance sea plain ,commercial  starcher facility in passenger crafts
Air Ambulance Aviation works 1 patients transfer, organ transfer, search and rescue program, disaster works
Local, domestic, National, International and Space in all most all country’s for yours loved once

facility of the Air Ambulance Aviation

Feature of the air ambulance Aviation

  • Air ambulance Advance ICU support
  • Medical escort  24/7
  • All the multi speciality, (Domestic and International transfer)
  • Aero Doctor and Aero nurse will available  in air ambulance
  • ICU to ICU transfers (inter-hospital intensive care patients)
  • Ventilator-dependent patients,Defaulter , cardiac monitor , suction machine ,infusion pump, oxygen, gps transmitter , satiates phone , on request incubator , iabp machine , peace maker, ( Real flying icu with air ambulance aviation )
  • Cardiac emergencies,
  • Multi-trauma cases
  • Spinal cord/head injury
  • rehabilitation
  • Transplant recipients, Organ transplant, heart save box, eye, kidney transportation, death body transport, Human remain transfer,
  • Babies and children needing emergency
  • Medical attention,ACLS, ITLS Care
  • Medical equipments’ transport s  hig-density   infusion pump, cardiac monitor ,ventilator, defibilter
  • 24 hr support = domestic, national, world wide


Type of air ambulance Aviation

Air ambulance aviation has different type of the air ambulance to help the society in all the needs of rescue mainly its is classifieds as per

Air ambulance Helicopter
Air ambulance Flights
Air ambulance Seaplane
Air ambulance Space shuttle

Contact Air Ambulance Aviation.

Mission controller Air Ambulance Aviation,
Phone number 24/7

How to contact Air Ambulance Aviation Phone no
Email us[email protected]
Send an enquiry click Visit our office, Visit our operational port

in cause of emergency plesae ring the rescue controller for the best out come and please do make the call because we need to save some on Aviation is it, yes

You are in invited Bord Air Ambulance Aviation please watch this videos its help  you to understand us  more over , you will be able see our rescues  on live ,,,, watch this and save the lives of people.........

Testimony Air Ambulance Aviation

Air Ambulance Aviation - angel of the world

air ambulance TestimonialsAir Ambulance AviationI well appreciated you people offered on a new life, for giving an aero medical transport where i cannt belive in my life , I have seen in my life the real angels in my mist of all my medical problems in Chicago, expaselly would like to thanks to you all teams of air ambulance aviation, mission controller  Paul, pilots  staff , when I went to an multiple trauma in the remote location  , I was praying to god  please send some angels to be taken care of me , yes air  ambulance aviation thanks  from deep from  my heart you all are doing the good work  may the god bless you all

Richard Edwin , Chicago- New York–LaGuardia, New York air ambulance -

The servicers’ need of our society- Air Ambulance Aviation

air ambulance TestimonialsThis latter to say the incredible thanks and well wishers  to air ambulance aviation Chicago,  dear all thanks  giving , what to say more , I don’t even have  a world in the world to say  thanks,  still I was remembering the all the team of you people ,  however my family has told the the citations  I was went . Within the same day you all are work to made the clearance for the international mission.  Whenever if you people come to new York please do visit to us . it bring you other happy in our family , my wife and all my nephews was waiting  see you all thanks  excepted of your tram vist to my home shortly the family from  Chicago-Aviation  

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